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COSPOWERS Opens Lithium + Sodium Electric Two-Wheel Drive Track

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COSPOWERS Opens Lithium + Sodium Electric Two-Wheel Drive Track

From June 13th to 15th, the SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At this event, COSPOWERS exhibited five new products, in many people's eyes. As the top ten Chinese communication energy storage lithium battery enterprises listed in 2023, COSPOWERS Supply has been established since its inception, with global cumulative shipments exceeding 11GWh+ and annual energy storage capacity exceeding 16GWh. Therefore, the launch of five new products has also become a highlight of the exhibition.

"To become a respected intelligent lithium battery system overall solution provider" is the vision of COSPOWERS, as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of new energy storage, COSPOWERS has the ability to self-develop from materials, cells, battery management systems, energy management system, system integration, cloud platform, and other full-stack.

For long-term energy storage application scenarios, COSPOWERS launched full-stack self-developed 720Ah Tianchi battery products. Three years of zero attenuation, open a new era of single 2.3kWh energy storage, to the long-term energy storage market. The mass-energy density of the cell is 185Wh/kg, the volume energy density can reach 435Wh/L, and the ultra-long cycle life is more than 12000 times.

720Ah Tianchi battery

Not only that, but COSPOWERS also brought a transformative product of power storage: EnerGalactic-6700 liquid-cooled battery compartment. This product is equipped with the 720Ah ultra-large capacity Tianchi series battery developed by the full stack of COSPOWERS. The cell has zero attenuation for three years, a single unit of 2.3kWh, a mass-energy density of 185Wh/kg, a volume energy density of 435Wh/L, and an ultra-long cycle life of more than 12,000 times.

EnerGalactic-6700 liquid-cooled battery compartment

In terms of sodium electricity, this exhibition Kunyu Power supply released 210Ah sodium ion cells. The cell adopts laminated technology, the energy density is 135Wh/Kg, and the cycle life is more than 2000 times. Sodium 210Ah battery specifications, suitable for household storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, A00 electric vehicles and other fields, energy storage, and power supply system products.

210Ah sodium ion cells

In addition, the 115kW/250kWh sodium electric industrial and commercial storage machine launched by COSPOWERS uses a 210Ah sodium ion square aluminum shell battery produced and developed by COSPOWERS, and adopts the liquid cooling design of an independent energy storage cabinet, and the temperature difference can be controlled within 3℃; The cabinet contains 8 sodium-ion battery PACK modules, integrated perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing device, with high-efficiency PCS, EMS energy management system and auxiliary circuit; With a wide voltage range of devices stable and efficient operation, high energy density, long life, fast charging and discharging characteristics, the cycle life of more than 4000 times, cycle efficiency of more than 95%.

115kW/250kWh sodium electric industrial and commercial storage machine

It is worth noting that, as a "veteran" of the communication energy storage industry, COSPOWERS launched 48V75Ah/100Ah intelligent sodium-ion communication energy storage battery system, which takes sodium-ion battery technology as the core, with a wide voltage range, high energy density, high power density, low-temperature resistance, long life, stable and efficient work and fast charging and discharging characteristics. The cycle life is more than 3000 times, and the cycle efficiency is more than 95%.

COSPOWERS integrates its own advantages to form a set of combined fists to serve customer needs: on the technical route, Kunyu Power adopts a lithium + sodium dual-wheel drive strategy. Under the existing advantages of lithium, it entered the sodium electricity market.

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