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CATL 173Ah VDA LiFePO4 Battery Cell: the Power Battery Into the Era of 0.3 Yuan /Wh!

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CATL 173Ah VDA LiFePO4 Battery Cell: the Power Battery Into the Era of 0.3 Yuan /Wh!

173Ah VDA LiFePO4 Battery Cell

At the beginning of 2024, CATL is promoting 173Ah VDA specification LiFePO4 cells to car companies, with a standard 2.2C rate fast charge, the price does not exceed 0.4 yuan /Wh, and the target is a pure electricity market of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan." In the face of weak demand for power battery market, the CATL has finally sounded the whistle again.

As we all know, the vda specification of 173ah LiFePO4 cell is a lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material, copper as a conductor, and the use of high-purity electrolyte and advanced packaging technology, with a high energy density and cycle life of large capacity lithium battery products, its rated capacity of 173Ah, suitable for vehicle power batteries and other fields. It is designed and manufactured according to the VDA(German Automobile Industry Association) standard specifications, in line with international standards, reliable quality, high safety performance products. With the characteristics of long driving range, high safety and environmental protection, it is in line with the main demand of the current new energy vehicle market, and the market potential is huge. With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, the demand for power batteries with high energy density, long cycle life and high safety is increasing, and the vda specification 173ah VAD LiFePO4 cell is expected to become a mainstream product.

The price reduction of the heart-grade components of the power battery in the CATL has brought the power battery into the era of 0.3 yuan /Wh. Industry data show that the average price of the square LiFePO4 cell in the same period last year is about 0.8-0.9 yuan /Wh, and the single-watt-hour price of the cell decreases by 0.1 yuan, which can make the cost price of the 60-degree electric vehicle battery cheaper by 6,000 yuan; And car companies using CATL 173Ah VDA cell, 60 degree battery pack cost compared to the same period last year, the cost can save 24,000 yuan, 100 degree battery pack can save 40,000 yuan, based on this year's price war, the car companies have the space to cut prices, CATL market share will be significantly increased accordingly.

In addition, the Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery will also be launched in mass production on CHERY's new medium and large SUV model Star Era ET, and is planned to be equipped with AVATR,  CHERY, Nezha Automobile, BAIC BJEV, VOYAH, AION and other brand models. Supercharged battery technology based on lithium iron phosphate materials is expected to become a key driving force in the field of power batteries in 2024 due to its technological advances and changes in market demand. In addition to CATL, a number of battery companies have also launched their own LiFePO4 fast charging battery products.

As a lithium battery product with superior performance, the 173ah vda specification LiFePO4 cell of Ningde Times has a wider application prospect and market potential under the support of price advantage. In the fields of new energy vehicles, energy storage systems and special vehicles, there is a broad market space and development opportunities

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