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Svolt 770Ah Fly Stacking Short Blade Energy Storage Cells Debut In Europe

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Svolt 770Ah Fly Stacking Short Blade Energy Storage Cells Debut In Europe

From June 19 to 21, the European Smart Energy Exhibition opened in Munich, Germany. At the exhibition, Svolt brought high-safety short-knife energy storage cells, industrial and commercial, powerliquid cooling energy storage, and a full range of products. In the face of new energy storage safety challenges under low-cost competition, Svolt's latest dynamic storage thermal power separation technology has also made a stunning debut, protecting the new safety of energy storage from the triple protection of battery cell, PACK, and system-level according to the car-gauge level standard.

European Smart Energy Exhibition

Vehicle gauge level multi-technology route energy storage battery protects the new safety of energy storage from the "core"

At this exhibition, Svolt exhibited its unique short knife energy storage battery series, VDA and soft pack energy storage battery, and other 9 batteries.

In the short knife energy storage special battery, in addition to the 325Ah battery that has been mass-produced, Svolt also brought a new system upgrade of 350Ah and 770Ah short knife energy storage battery with higher energy density and larger capacity, further improving the heat dissipation efficiency at the same time, BOM and manufacturing costs have been greatly reduced. Both cells have a cycle life of more than 11,000 times, and on the client side, can further enhance the system integration of 20-foot containers, reduce spare parts, and achieve the highest capacity in the industry at the same size. At the cost end, 350Ah cells and 770Ah cells use Svolt leading "fly-stack" process to further improve safety, stability and cost advantages, so as to achieve the ultimate cost performance.

On the VDA energy storage cells, energy storage cells with capacities of 100Ah and 222Ah were displayed on site, of which 222Ah cells are positioned for 0.5P&1P applications and have been delivered in large quantities. In the soft pack energy storage cell, Svolt has brought 50Ah and 65Ah energy storage products to the overseas market, which can be used for high-end household storage; The cylindrical cell capacity is 4.2Ah.

vda energy storage system

Svolt at the level of cell manufacturing, with different technical routes, using vehicle gauge level standards, to provide users with safer, longer cycle life, more stable, and more cost-advantageous energy storage product support, from the cell level to protect customers' new energy storage safety.

Three major application scenarios energy storage systems appeared in the whole scene to protect the safety of users

Power, industry and commerce, and household storage have formed the three major application scenarios ofnew energy storage. At this exhibition, Svolt exhibited its first products in these three application scenarios. In the large storage application scenario, Svolt has brought a highly safe and low-cost power storage product - short knife liquid cooling energy storage system, the system can currently achieve 3.46MWh, 5.16MWh, 6.9MWh, three capacity specifications, of which 6.9MWh is the largest capacity of short knife liquid cooling energy storage system in China. This product adopts the third-generation high-speed laminating 3.0 fly-stacking process developed by ourselves, which has the excellent characteristics of high safety and high consistency; At the PACK level, through the improvement and innovation of the original materials and design, the energy storage system can achieve effective suppression of thermal diffusion and extreme constraint of expansion, with better group rate and more flexible fire switching form. At the system integration level, the product further improves the structure, electrical, communication, fire protection, thermal management, compatibility, and other aspects to achieve more efficient function improvement at a better cost

energy storage system

In terms of industrial and commercial energy storage, Svolt has brought 318KWh industrial and commercial liquid-cooled battery cabinets, unit energy storage, and medium energy storage; In terms of household storage, like last year, Svolt brings its global ultra-thin household storage CP- ultra-thin household storage inverters and household storage systems, portable energy storage and Svolt Anshi Household Storage Products to users, continuing to deeply expand the European household storage market.

The new thermal power separation technology protects the ultimate safety of the energy storage system

Based on the trend of global energy storage cell products "growing too large" and the attention of the international energy storage market to household storage, the high safety of energy storage products will become more important in the future. In response to this market pain point, Svolt implanted its unique power battery Dragon Scale Armor battery of thermoelectric separation technology into the field of energy storage safety protection and developed a unique "thermal power separation technology" in the field of energy storage to achieve new energy storage safety.

fire-electricity separation

At the exhibition site, Svolt showed the audience how its thermal power separation technology works. "Thermal power separation technology" can achieve "two extremes": extreme safety and extreme cycle performance. In terms of extreme safety, by truly realizing "fire-electric separation", the technology can solve the risk of high-voltage short-circuit arc pulling and fire in the system. In the design of the battery cell, the technology adopts the innovative battery structure, and uses the top explosion-proof valve to realize directional exhaust; In the PACK design, the thermal runaway pressure relief area and the electrical connection area are independent, reducing the risk of loss of control, realizing the battery does not fire, does not spread, and the battery cell and PACK double safety control, which is more conducive to the overall safety of the system. In terms of the ultimate cycle performance, the technology adopts upper and lower double-sided liquid cooling to reduce the temperature difference and maximum temperature of the cell body and extend the cycle life of the cell.

In addition, at the exhibition, Svolt also shared the latest progress of its overseas energy storage business. These include a partnership between Beehive Energy and Ottomotive Turkey for localized supply for the Turkish market, an EMS system for the European local market with IBEN of the Netherlands, and localized after-sales service support. Beehive Energy looks forward to creating maximum value for local customers and providing the most competitive products in the future through the joint efforts of all parties.

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