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Charging an electric car in an apartment complex

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Charging an electric car in an apartment complex

Soon, "Do you have an EV charging station?" will be a standard question when looking for an apartment.

After all, why should EV owners live where they are not allowed to charge their vehicles? It's a big deal when you own one. Especially since 80 percent of EV charging is done at home, often overnight.

But how do you get started with a multifamily EV charging solution?

The short answer is; it depends on the building.

When installing EV charging infrastructure, owners must consider the building's parking configuration and its electrical capabilities. They will have to consult electrical engineers, the local government and whoever owns the property.

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Multi-home charging station

Multi-unit residential buildings clearly require multi-family charging stations that can accommodate more than one electric vehicle at a time.

If they choose to use the toll network, they can enjoy advanced features such as billing and collection, remote monitoring, automatic updates, online booking system, mobile app integration, advertising and promotion displays, detailed charging station reporting and user access control.

Network charging stations offer a "smart charging" solution, which means that the charging station can calculate

The maximum power available on the circuit and distribute that power equally among all stations connected to it. For example, if the maximum available power on the circuit is 120A, and three EVs are connected, each will be allocated 40A, so their charging will not trip the circuit breaker.

In addition to managing circuit loads, smart charging stations can monitor building demand so that chargers do not exceed peak power demand.

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What are the benefits of having an apartment with a charging station?

The benefits of being able to provide EV charging aren't just for residents who own an EV. Owners also benefit from it.

Tenant Attraction and Retention

People who own an electric car are more likely to choose an apartment or condo that offers them a place to charge, even if they have to pay more for it.

Brand Promotion

The owners are also forward-thinking and environmentally conscious, which helps their branding.

Alternative source of income

Chargers could also become another source of income for owners. Owners can choose to charge EV owners for the use of vehicle chargers.

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Strengthen energy management

Installing an EV charger means delving into the energy management of a building or complex. This often leads to property managers becoming more aware of where energy is being used and potential cost-saving opportunities. It may also prompt them to consider more forms of renewable energy to manage electricity usage more efficiently.

face to the future

While the provision of EV charging stations is currently seen as a perk, in a decade or so they will become more necessary.

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