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Reasons You Must Buy a Home EV Charger

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Reasons You Must Buy a Home EV Charger

If you've recently bought an electric vehicle you might be thinking about what you can do to charge it. As there are more and more charging facilities constructed across the country, however, it's not always the most affordable and convenient choice. Furthermore, charging using the 3-pin outlet at home isn't the most secure way to charge.

Thus, you must seriously think about installing a home electric vehicle charging device. There are numerous advantages that come with this as we'll explain in this article.

1.) Enhance the value of your home

While you may think that you're thinking that an EV household charger could be expensive, however, it's worth it over the long term. For a better understanding, the study discovered that homes that had EV charging stations sold at an average of 13% higher than the average local. With the sales of new diesel and petrol being prohibited until 2030, installing an electric vehicle charging point is a fantastic method to secure your property for the future and keep ahead of the trend.

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2) Convenience

Home chargers for electric vehicles are the most convenient option for charging your electric car. There is no need to wait for long at a charging station or stand in line to get an outlet. With an EV charger at home you can charge your car at any time there is no wait, without stress. Many of the smart chargers available provide great convenience, making it easy to plan your vehicle's charge at a certain date and time with apps for smartphones.

Chargers for electric vehicles

3) cost

Installing a dedicated home charge point allows you to utilize free public EV charging points for free. additional cost.

In general, charging an electric vehicle at home is more affordable than public chargers. If you have a home-based electric charger, you are able to schedule your vehicle to charge at off-peak times, when electricity costs are the lowest. There are also a variety of specific EV energy tariffs that reward motorists who want to charge their cars at the most affordable costs during off-peak times.

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Therefore that using an EV from home is typically more affordable than other options.

4.) Charge faster

Installing a home EV charger will allow you to gain speedier charging. For instance, a seven-kW house charger (the most commonly used household EV charger) can charge an EV three times faster than a conventional 3-pin plug. Although fast chargers in public places are able to charge an EV to 80% within 20 to 40 minutes, they typically are found in motorway service points and do not have the convenience of home chargers.

5.) Charging is more secure

The most secure method to charge your electric vehicle at home is to use an in-home charging station. Home EV chargers should be installed by an experienced electrician, to ensure the highest level of safety can be assured. Although you could utilize a standard 3-pin plug to charge your vehicle it's not recommended since household outlets are not designed to handle constant use.

Do you require an EV charger? We can solve any problem for you!

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