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CORNext Launched the "Submerge" Battery Safety System

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CORNext Launched the "Submerge" Battery Safety System

From June 26 to 27, the "China Oil and Gas and New Energy Integrated Development Conference and New Technology Achievement Exhibition" was held in Xi 'an. Organized by the China Petroleum Society along with China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and other units, the conference focused on the latest research, policy standards, technical equipment, and development practices in integrating oil, gas, and new energy. The goal was to develop new quality productive forces and promote high-quality development in China's oil and gas and new energy sectors through extensive exchanges and cooperation.

China Oil and Gas and New Energy Integrated

CORNEX Executive Vice President Bu Xiangnan delivered a keynote speech at the main venue, addressing the safety hazards associated with lithium-ion battery energy storage products. He elaborated and demonstrated Chu Neng's first "Submerge" battery safety system in cell-intrinsic safety, system design safety, installation operation, and maintenance safety integrated solution, the harvest of many experts praise.

the "Submerge" Battery Safety System

Bu Xiangnan pointed out that lithium battery thermal runaway fire cases are frequent, safety is the first bottom line firmly adhered to by energy storage manufacturers, there is no absolute safety, only relative safety, CORNext can insist on starting from the customer pain point, implement the "safety is designed" concept. the "Submerge" battery safety system can realize pack-level active fire fighting, accurate fire extinguishing in 70 seconds, no heat spread, no other risks to the system, accurately and quickly solve the thermal runaway problem of the energy storage battery, and make the energy storage system safe and refined. the "Submerge" battery safety system has completed more than 100 patents, won the Chinese core journal "Fire Science and Technology", and won the "Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award" and "2023 Best Energy Storage Fire Protection Solution Award".

CORNEX Executive Vice President

Energy storage power stations have extremely high requirements for the reliability, stability and safety of the power supply system. CORNext has promoted the self-developedthe "Submerge" battery safety system to large-scale demonstration projects, continued to provide system-level verification for energy storage safety, promoted the application of advanced energy storage technology, and led the core value of energy storage and industry innovation trend. the "Submerge" battery safety system has been successfully applied in many large-scale projects and has achieved significant safety, environmental protection and economic benefits.

CORNext  the "Submerge" battery safety system in this conference caused widespread concern and high evaluation in the industry. Experts attending the meeting believe that the technological innovation of the system not only sets a benchmark for the development of the battery industry, but also provides an important reference sample for the integration of oil and gas and new energy. Under the background of the accelerated transformation of the global energy pattern, the integration and development of the traditional oil and gas industry and the new energy industry has become an inevitable trend. CORNext will always adhere to technological innovation and self-innovation, and contribute to the green energy transformation and sustainable development of China.

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