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Sunwoda new energy storage solution debuts SNEC 2024

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Sunwoda new energy storage solution debuts SNEC 2024

The 17th (2024) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (SNEC PV+) opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

10-meter mobile energy storage vehicle

10-meter mobile energy storage vehicle

As the first liquid-cooled, 10-meter class mobile energy storage vehicle with the world's largest capacity in the industry so far, "Xin Era" is a bold innovation of Sunwoda in the field of energy storage.  It uses Sunwoda's self-developed and self-produced 12000 cycles of energy storage special 314Ah battery cell, energy storage vehicle energy up to 2MWh, equipped with a large power of 800kW PCS, compared with the mobile energy storage vehicle configured with a 500kWh battery pack and 60kW power under the same size, capacity increased by 300%, power increased by 220%.  At the same time, this is the first time in the industry to apply liquid cooling technology to the mobile energy storage vehicle system, a cluster of management, pack-level fire, no fire, no explosion, more safe and reliable.

In addition, the working temperature range of the "Xinji" mobile energy storage vehicle is -30℃ ~ 55℃, which can adapt to a variety of climates and scenarios. Based on the needs of various types of non-power outage and continuous power operations, it can be applied to power grid non-power outage operations, rescue and disaster relief power supply, major activities, peak high-speed service, road rescue, and other mobile charging and temporary construction power, etc., to provide timely and stable power protection.

Starting immediately, along with the "storage", Xinwang da "Xinji" mobile energy storage vehicle can flexibly achieve power stability, and fast supply, and bring a new path for the development of new mobile energy storage. At present, Xinwang Da's mobile energy storage vehicle has completed the proofing and will be mass-produced and listed in Q3.

A new generation of 625Ah large storage cell

 625Ah large storage cell

"Xinyue" is a special battery for energy storage in the TWh era, with a capacity of up to 625Ah and an energy density of over 430Wh/L, which is 8.8%+ higher than that of 314Ah cells. Single-cell accurate two degrees of electricity, help 20-foot container energy up to 6.5+MWh, compared to 5MWh increased by 30%+, small space integration more energy.

Through the continuous breakthrough of "lithium" technology, the "Xinyue" battery can achieve a 15,000 cycle life, 3-5 years of flexible "zero attenuation", 25 years of service life, and a whole life cycle cost reduction of more than 13%.

"Xinyue" through "AI flash stack" technology, greatly improves the space utilization rate, energy density increased by 5%, no R-angle stress risk, and no cyclic deformation risk; Adopt innovative "thermoelectric separation technology" and three-dimensional heat dissipation technology to create extreme safety for energy storage cells.

"Xinyue" is customized for 2000V high voltage systems with extremely high system friendliness, low assembly costs, and losses. Single-cell precision two-degree electricity, large cell "AI flash stack", 5 years zero attenuation, 20 feet 6.5+MWh ultra-high energy density "Xinyue" 625Ah large storage cell, will be delivered globally in 2025.

Sustainable Industry Chain Layout

Sunwoda's commitment to the entire energy storage industry chain is demonstrated through its equity investments in raw materials, battery big data management, battery cascading utilization, and recycling fields. Collaborating with partners, Sunwoda seeks technological breakthroughs to promote energy-saving and carbon reduction across the industry chain.

Earlier this year, Sunwoda established a 100,000-ton lithium battery recycling and ESS intelligent manufacturing project in Shandong Province. This project covers the entire process of lithium battery recycling and reuse, from collection and disassembly to sorting, processing, refining, and manufacturing of battery materials from waste batteries. Valuable materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel are effectively recovered from lithium batteries, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution, and decreasing reliance on raw materials.

With a cumulative ESS installed capacity of 13.55GWh as of May 2024, Sunwoda has completed projects in over 100 countries. Having focused on new energy for nearly 30 years, Sunwoda has established a comprehensive industrial layout encompassing upstream battery raw materials, ESS, and battery recycling. The company remains committed to ecological preservation throughout the ESS lifecycle, furthering the energy transition and development in Europe and beyond.

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