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Fast Wireless Car Charger - What You need to Know?

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Fast Wireless Car Charger - What You need to Know?

The commercial real estate sector, which has been notoriously slow to embrace digital transformation, is showing a renewed focus on innovation and adopting IoT-enabled property technology (PropTech) solutions to enable more efficient operations, enhanced security, and emissions reductions, as well as unlocking new revenue streams. Wireless power is needed to bring the real estate industry’s vision for smart building design to life and make its offerings more competitive.

Greater Efficiencies 

According to a study from McKinsey, building product executives are increasing investments in innovation in response to industry demand for IoT devices that can make facility management, data collection, and system automation more efficient. IoT sensors for predictive maintenance, for example, can save 10 percent more on average than preventative maintenance measures and about 40 percent more than reactive maintenance. The placement and positioning of these devices, however, require careful consideration at the earlier design stages because they rely on a complex and costly network of cables and connectors to receive power and communicate with one another.

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Using wireless charger power, Powermat offers the real estate sector greater design freedom through cable-free, universal power and communication solutions that are safe and easy to install and can reduce overall system costs even further by offering the industry’s highest IP rating and an easy method of adding and changing electrical products within a space. With Powermat’s custom reference designs and end-to-end support, PropTech solution providers can design transformative wireless charger power solutions to meet developers’ optimal price points and unique performance requirements.

Enhanced Security:

Individual homeowners and multinational asset owners have—at least—one common challenge: installing security cameras. Mounted on the outside, smart cameras require drilling wires through walls to receive power. Especially for property managers, this makes continuous upgrades and retrofits costly and more complex.

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