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Discover Gotion High-tech Newest Battery Innovations

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Discover Gotion High-tech Newest Battery Innovations


Gotion High-tech recently showcased its latest advancements in technology and products during its 13th Technology Conference held on May 17. Among the highlights were the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations including the 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery, primed for immediate mass production, the high-nickel NCM cylindrical Stellary battery, and the highly anticipated all-solid-state battery technology.

The 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery is engineered with state-of-the-art technology, allowing for an impressive 80% charge in just 9.8 minutes. Vice President of the Engineering R&D Institute, Mr. Cao Yong, emphasized that the release of these batteries marks a significant milestone in achieving mass production.

The Stellary battery, featuring high-nickel NCM technology, boasts rapid charging capabilities, with a charge from 10% to 70% in a mere 9 minutes. Equipped with innovative cooling technology, this battery ensures maximum efficiency and safety, while also reducing manufacturing costs by up to 50% at the Gen7 plant.

Additionally, Gotion High-tech introduced Gemstone batteries, which utilize groundbreaking all-solid-state technology. With an impressive energy density of 350 Wh/kg, these batteries offer increased range and efficiency for electric vehicles. Notably, Gemstone batteries have also excelled in safety tests, surpassing national standards and demonstrating remarkable resilience under extreme condition

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