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Battery Energy Storage System Field: Wave of New Energy Storage Containers

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Battery Energy Storage System Field: Wave of New Energy Storage Containers

Under the planning of building a new power system, the installed scale of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation is increasing, in order to cope with the unstable characteristics of renewable power generation such as wind and light, the new energy storage represented by lithium-ion batteries has entered the "C" position, becoming the main increment of energy storage installed capacity in recent years. The energy storage market presents a situation of pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage and other energy storage systems.

Energy storage containers has entered the era of "large" scale

The cumulative installed capacity of global power storage capacity is 289.2GW, and the cumulative installed capacity of pumped storage capacity is less than 70% for the first time, and the new installed capacity of new energy storage in the world will reach a record high in 2023, with China accounting for nearly 50%.


With the improvement of the scale of new energy storage installations, the battery grade and system capacity of energy storage products are also constantly upgraded. In the view of the industry, the characteristics of large cells and large-scale energy storage products will become one of the development directions.

The safety main line of the energy storage system is unshakable

Behind the development of large capacity and fierce industry competition, a number of energy storage companies also re-emphasized the keyword "safety" to reporters.


"From the healthy development of the energy storage industry, enterprises should not only focus on the cost reduction of the current large-scale development of energy storage, but should pay attention to the improvement of the actual working conditions after the energy storage system is put into operation." Bu Xiangnan told reporters that the development of the energy storage industry is not the pursuit of the ultimate development on the one hand, but to achieve a full range of balance, on the basis of ensuring safety and long life, the pursuit of profit and a better balance of the cost of electricity.

Looking at the energy storage market

The industry still generally believes that its prospects are improving. According to the "Energy storage industry Research White Paper 2024" forecast, it is expected that in the last two years of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the new energy storage installed capacity is still showing a rapid growth trend, exceeding the current provincial planning goals; The Fifteenth Five-Year Plan showed a steady growth trend. It is expected that in 2030, the cumulative installed capacity of China's new energy storage market will exceed 200GW, and the compound growth rate from 2024 to 2030 will exceed 30%.

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